Getting your driver’s licence is one of the most exciting milestones in a young person’s life; you might already have visions of yourself flying down the highway, taking your friends on fun adventures, but first… you need to learn how to drive!

The average person needs 45 hours of driving instruction, and 22 hours of private practice to learn how to drive, and around 45% of UK drivers pass their drivers test on the first attempt. Learning to drive with a qualified driving instructor can increase your chances of passing your test on the first try.

Whether you’re getting ready for driving lessons in Nottingham, or elsewhere, remember: it’s normal to feel nervous. To help put your mind at ease, here’s what to expect:

What To Expect From Your First Driving Lesson

You’ll Get To Know Your Instructor

Whether you’re picked up from your home or school, or meet your instructor somewhere else, your instructor will spend some time getting to know you, and introducing themselves to break the ice; if you have any questions for your instructor, feel free to speak up.

While you’re getting to know your instructor, they’ll ask to sight your provisional licence, and find out how much driving experience and road rule knowledge you have, to ensure they’re teaching you the right things for your skill level.

You’ll Be Driven To A Quiet Area

If you live in a busy area, you might be worried that you’ll be expected to navigate the local traffic right away; rest assured, you’re not expected to be an expert driver straight away, and your instructor will never ask you to drive in traffic you’re not ready for.

Upon meeting up, your instructor will drive you to a suitable, quieter location to start your lesson and learn some basic skills. Being in a low traffic area allows you to focus on your new driving skills, without worrying about other cars on the road.

You’ll Learn How To Control The Car

If you’ve never sat behind the wheel of a car, you might be surprised at how many controls there are to memorise. Before you start any driving, your instructor will cover all the basics.

You’ll learn all about the car controls, from basic functions such as which pedal is which, to indicating and changing gears. You’ll also learn other tips on how to stay safe behind the wheel, such as how to position your mirrors, check your blind spot and adjust your seat.

You’ll Do Some Driving

If you expected your first lesson to be mostly theory-based, you might be excited to learn that yes, you will get to drive during your first lesson!

Once your instructor can see that you’re comfortable with the basic car controls and safety procedures, they’ll let you take control. During your first lesson, you’ll learn skills such as parking, indicating and changing gears; most instructors have dual control vehicles, allowing them to take over if you’re ever in any danger.

You’ll make mistakes

Like any other skill, driving takes practice, and you will make mistakes along the way. Don’t fret, it’s all part of the process, and your instructor will help you identify and fix any errors during your lessons. As long as you’re learning from your mistakes, you’ll continue to improve your driving skills.

Driving lessons might seem scary, but by understanding what to expect, you can calm those pre-lesson nerves.

Remember: Your instructor’s goal is there to help you pass your driving test. They’ll help you develop the skills to drive safely on the road.

Good luck, and happy driving!