Learning to drive is a process, and typically involves a series of lessons spread over a few months to ensure that you’re comfortable and prepared for your test. Learning to control a vehicle in a variety of weather conditions, times of day, and road settings is critical in producing confident, capable drivers.

You may be in a position where you have a limited amount of time, and do not have the luxury of learning to drive over a period of months; in this situation, you might do well to consider an intensive driving course.

Should I Take An Intensive Driving Course?

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

Not to be confused with any form of shortcut to learning how to drive, an intensive driving course simply condenses your driver training into a shorter period than traditional lessons.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recommends that learner drivers have between 44 and 47 hours of driving experience prior to undertaking their practical test; a reputable intensive driving course can help you to condense these hours into a period that better suits your circumstances.

What Types of Courses are Available?

While different driving schools offer many options for intensive courses (including residential programs for those who are really in a hurry), Get Set Driving offer three main intensive packages:

  • The beginner course is appropriate for individuals who are very new to driving, and require approximately 40 hours of training. These hours are provided in 20 two-hour sessions, and drivers are supported with free access to our theory driving test training app.
  • The intermediate course also offers free theory driving test training app access, along with ten two-hour sessions; perfect for confident drivers who are close to being ready for their practical test.
  • The advanced course is more of a fine-tuning option for drivers who are ready to take their test, but require some additional confidence or observation. 10 hours of lessons are available for drivers at this level.

Why Choose An Intensive Driving Course?

There are many reasons why a person might benefit from an intensive driving course. Perhaps you need a driver’s license quickly in order to accept an employment opportunity; you may also be nervous in the lead-up to your practical test, and be looking for some extra encouragement and experience.

Depending on the provider, intensive driving courses may work out cheaper than taking individual lessons for the same number of hours, thereby making them a good option for the budget-conscious. It’s also possible for a driving school to charge a premium for the more extreme timeline, so it’s important to do your research prior to signing up.

What Are The Drawbacks to An Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving courses are not an appropriate choice for everyone. If you’re prone to stress, then you may find it overwhelming trying to learn everything so quickly, and more staggered lessons could be a better choice for you. It’s also possible that you’ll feel let down if you fail to pass your test, given how much you spent on lessons.

One of the main limitations to an intensive driving course is that you’re unlikely to experience driving in all weather conditions while safely under the supervision of an instructor. If you complete your lessons and pass your test in the summer, you may be caught off-guard by the icy conditions of winter.

What Should I Consider When Choosing An Intensive Driving Course?

First of all, ensure that you hold a provisional UK driver’s license prior to signing up for any driving lessons; you will require this to get started.

Thoroughly research potential driving schools, and consider a phone consultation to get an idea of the customer service level that you can expect to receive. Your instructor should be professional, and willing to work around your schedule to get you ready for your test.

At Get Set driving, we offer a tailor-made intensive driving course plan based on your ability and confidence levels. You can choose how frequently you want to drive, and your instructor will remain flexible and supportive of your needs. We also provide complimentary pickups from your home, work, or college, and provide you with free access to our theory driving test training app (which includes online support.)

Intensive driving courses are a convenient option for driving students of all ages and skill levels, who want to hit the road fast.

Regardless of your existing driving ability, at Get Set Driving, we can support you in getting yourself test-ready as quickly as possible. If you decide that an intensive course isn’t for you? Not a problem—we’re ready to provide you with regular driving lessons at a pace that suits your needs the best.