Generally, there are two types of learner drivers; those that lack the confidence to take their test and those that want to jump right in when they’re not entirely ready. Although trusting your instincts is important, these two groups may not have the best insight into their driving abilities. To help answer the common question among learner drivers: “Am I ready for my driving test?” we have listed the four key signs that indicate you are ready for your driving assessment.

am I ready for my driving test

Instructor Confirmation

The surest way to know you are ready to take your driving test is when your instructor gives you the go-ahead. A trained professional, driving instructor prepare hundreds of students for their practical driving test. Therefore, they have both the insight and experience to know when you should be losing your L-plates.

If you feel ready to take your test but you’ve not had the confirmation from your instructor, we recommend starting that conversation as soon as possible. You should be open and honest about your driving abilities and confidence during the discussion in order to get an accurate answer to the all-important question: “Am I ready for my driving test?”.

Increased Responsibility

A great way to know whether your instructor feels you are ready to take your test – without being directly informed – is actually when they don’t say much at all! Driving instructors will give fewer instructions during a lesson when they believe you can safely make your own decisions and effectively follow road signs. If you feel your instructor is giving little to no guidance during your driving lessons, it could be a sign that they feel you are a competent driver who is ready to take their test.

Mock Tests

The best way to practice for a driving test is to take a mock driving test! A mock test replicates the structure of an official driving test, but instead of an examiner sitting by your side, your trusty driving instructor will be there to provide guidance as needed.
Mock tests not only familiarise you with the structure of a real driving test, but they are also a great indicator of how well you perform under pressure. To arrange a mock test, simply have a conversation with your instructor about when they feel you may be prepared for a mock assessment.

Explore Unfamiliar Routes

Most learner drivers will quickly gain confidence when driving on familiar roads, therefore, essential to test your abilities on new roads.
Exploring unfamiliar routes with the safety of a driving instructor is a great way to understand your driving capabilities and come closer to answering the question: “Am I ready for my driving test?”. If you can safely and confidently drive on new roads, it’s a sign you are ready for your practical driving test.

No matter how prepared we may be for our driving test, nerves can sometimes get the better of us – and that’s okay! Actually, it’s relatively common for first-time drivers to fail their test, as demonstrated by Government statics: between April and June 2021, only 51.6% of learner drivers passed their test.

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